Vicious Ant - Kraken Copper 1.2 (**ON SALE**)

The authentic Copper Kraken by Vicious Ant is beautiful and in stock at Dragon's Den Vapor!  If you are a fan of Genesis style tank systems, then you will want to take a closer look at this finely tuned and gorgeous atomizer today.

Vicious Ant has released some very cool products as of late, and one of the new additions to the Vicious family, is the introduction of their Kraken atomizer in a copper finish.  Great news for those of us that love our copper mods!

Quickly becoming one of the most effective and reliable Genesis style atomizers on the planet, Vicious Ant’s Copper Kraken is placing itself as one of the global leaders for this style tank.

Designed with optimal and beautiful aesthetics in mind, the Kraken features adjustable airflow and plenty of room for some serious cloud blowing builds so you can chase flavor or production all day long.


  • 22mm diameter
  • 15mm diameter chamber
  • Stainless steel body with copper outer sleeve
  • Reduced top chamber
  • Protected quartz glass
  • Single, dual, U-wick capable
  • 2.8mm Wick Holes
  • Single or dual adjustable airholes
  • Each is engraved and serialized

You really can not go wrong with the Kraken.  And it’s not just because it’s copper or because it looks cool.  This is a seriously great performing atomizer.  Vicious Ant left enough room at the top of the device  for various styles of wraps and builds.  This is great when you are in the mood for an atomizer that can offer you a full flavor experience!

Vicious Ant - Kraken Copper 1.2 (**ON SALE**)
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  • Manufacturer: Vicious Ant
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