Hades by El Diablo / Gatub Crafts Philippines***PRE-ORDER***

Dragon's Den Vapor is proud to present the Hades by El Diablo & Gatub Crafts Philippines.

18650 Parallel / Paraseries

Black Delrin body

Brass Top and bottom

Battery ventilation

Sliding mechanism

Battery bottom cover

Copper internals

Hand Signed

Hand engraved Design

Hand engraved Serial #

Handmade wood box packaging..

Paraseries booster box is included.

****PRE-ORDER****Please note these are pre-order items****They have finished production but the Philippines has a stay at home order and a shipping ban in place due to the pandemic****So they wont be able to ship until the shipping ban is lifted****The problem is we have no way of knowing when that will be****Please if you are not ok with waiting an undisclosed amount of time please do NOT pre order these****No refunds will be issued due to pandemic delays****Thank you & please stay safe****Let me know if you have any questions**** 

Hades by El Diablo / Gatub Crafts Philippines***PRE-ORDER***
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