Stillare Mark IV 2 Post RDA by Cartel Mods

Stillare Mark IV 2 Post RDA by Cartel Mods (Authentic)

Cartel Mods Stillare V4 Mark IV Two Post RDA

Made in the United States of America

The Cartel Mods Stillare Mark IV is the newest version of the vaunted Stillare RDA series, elevating the series into new territory by combining the extremely popular two post build deck concept with the machining and craftsmanship that Cartel Mods is renowned for alongside an extremely competitive price point. The Stillare Mark IV features a two post build deck, one of the most highly regarded and universally acclaimed build deck designs today, with dual 2mm diameter terminals per post that allow for nearly unmatched ease and compatibility with build configurations. Each terminal is secured by a side mounted flathead screw, allowing for easier maintenance as compared to Allen keyed heads. The build deck features channeled wicking ends alongside a 5mm deep juice well that allows for tremendous juice capacity, reducing frequency of redripping for the user. Airflow for the Mark IV now features two distinct areas of entry, with dual 7mm by 2mm bottom airslots feeding directly up into the chamber as well as tension secured 7mm by 2mm dual top airslots that can be adjusted independently from the bottom airflow. A 12mm Competition Bore Threaded Stainless Steel Drip Top pairs perfectly for high heat and power configurations, while an included 510 Threaded Adapter allows use with standard drip tips. Manufactured out of 304 Stainless Steel, the Mark IV follows in line with Cartel Mods renowned manufacturing quality, featuring clean, precision manufacturing matched with simple and elegant design aesthetics. Offering a dynamic build deck, sophisticated airflow, precision manufactured and an unbelievable price point for American Made manufacturing.

Product Features:
22mm Diameter
Two Post Build Deck
Two 2mm Diameter Terminals Per Post
Side Tension Applied
Channeled Juice and Wick Well
5mm Deep Juice Well
Flathead Screws
PEEK Insulator
Dual O-Ring Seal
Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
7mm by 2mm Each Airslot
Elliptical Shape
Dual Adjustable Top Airflow
7mm by 2mm Each Airslot
Tension Secured
Can Be Throttled Completely Closed
Reduced Chamber
Superior Rate of Airflow Delivery
Superior Flavor
12mm Competition Bore 304 Stainless Steel Drip Top
510 Threaded 304 Stainless Steel Adapter
Silver Plated Copper 510 Contact
304 Stainless Steel

Stillare Mark IV 2 Post RDA by Cartel Mods
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